By Abdullah Ben Ibrahim

Following is a summary of current situations in the capital Tripoli following two days of chaos and fighting:


 – East Tripoli (Tajoura, Souq Jomaa, Arada, Fashloum, Al-Hani, Zanatah, Nofolian, Bin Ashor, Ein Zarah, Sabaah and Furnaj): Life and traffic are normal, no clashes.

– Central Tripoli (Martyrs’ Square and the surrounding streets, Shat Road, Zawiya Street, Al-Soor Road): Life and traffic are normal, no clashes.

– (Bab Bin Ghashir, Hai Damascus): Heavy clashes last night and today morning in Rixos compound. Clam in the evening with no traffic while several roads are still blocked. There are also security checkpoints. The area is now under control of Ghaniewa armed brigade of the UN-proposed Presidency Council.

West Tripoli (Hai Andouls, Gurji, Qarqarish, Siyahiya, Ghoat Al-shaal): Cautious calm prevails in these areas after Tuesday clashes. Now these areas under control of Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade of the UN-proposed Presidency Council.

– (Deraibi, Gaddah, Kishlaf, Riyadiya, Fillah): Calm and several roads remained closed with security checkpoints.

– (Al-Sirraj District): Sporadic gunfire with no one claiming control over the district.

– (Qasir Ben Ghashir and Janzour): Life and traffic are normal, no clashes.

– (Salah Eddine, Airport Road, Wadi Al-Rabia): Military buildup by brigades from Misrata. These areas are still under control of rival brigades to UN-proposed Presidency Council. Expected attack on Islamic Call Society building by pro-Presidency Council armed brigades.


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