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In December 2016, US-backed forces drove ISIS out of its stronghold in Libya. Less than a year later, the country remains fractured, and the ISIS and al Qaeda threat persists.

On Wednesday, AEI hosted an event to discuss the need for a new US strategy in Libya.

Event Material

Emily Estelle: A Strategy for Success in Libya

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Event Summary

Colonel Derek Harvey (ret.), former senior director for the Middle East on the National Security Council, emphasized the need for the US to look beyond a counterterrorism strategy. Success should be a stable Libya with effective governance, such that people can seize opportunities and prosper.

Karim Mezran, the senior resident fellow for North Africa at the Atlantic Council, urged for the US to exhibit more influence and leadership among international actors. AEI’s Emily Estelle then discussed her new report, noting that the US has an opportunity with Libya today.

Through a strategy that addresses the security and governance gaps, Libya could transform into a strong economic engine in North Africa, to the benefit of its people and regional neighbors.

-Caroline Goodson

Event Description

Recent terrorist attacks in Berlin and Manchester trace back to Libya, where ISIS relocated operatives from Syria and Iraq. Libya’s ongoing civil war, coupled with weak governance and law enforcement, creates the perfect crucible for ISIS and al Qaeda to extend their operations.

How can these groups in Libya be defeated? What can be done to stabilize the country and address humanitarian concerns? Is American leadership essential to combating this threat?

This event is being hosted in coordination with the World Press Photo exhibition in DuPont Underground and will feature a photograph from theWe Are Not Taking Any Prisonersseries.

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