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Haftar overtaking Tripoli a...

By Ramy Allahoum Analysts say the two countries are worried the assault on the capital will fuel further instability in the region.

Libya: Never-ending chaos

By Nebahat Tanriverdi Yasar Warlord Haftar speeding up military dispatch with support of UAE, Egypt, concentrating forces around Misrata, Tripoli.

Normalization of Warlord Haftar Promises...

By CJ Werleman An international agreement to address the international factors behind Libya’s woes has only succeeded in further normalizing North Africa’s worst war criminal, thus promising further bloodshed.

Hifter and the strategic goal to invade...

Will Hifter escape the trap he set himself since the early days By Ashur Shamis Since Hifter took upon himself the goal to invade and control the city of Tripoli as a strategic military objective, Hifter has taken the first steps on an...

Europe’s weak hand in Libya

By Emadeddin Badi The Berlin summit failed to put pressure on states intervening in Libya. Instead, it risks to further internationalise the conflict.

Why are the UAE sponsoring the war in Libya?

By Emanuele Rossi The involvement of the United Arab Emirates in the crisis in Libya acts as a litmus test for Abu Dhabi’s strategic interests on the major dossiers regarding its future international location. 

The Berlin Conference on Libya: Will...

By Jeffrey Feltman Berlin Conference on Libya, in explicitly excluding Libyan participation, violated the 2012 United Nations Guidance for Effective Mediation and its insistence on “inclusivity” and “national ownership” as fundamental...

Peace for Libya, just without Libyans

The Libyan conflict reflects various complex layers of hostility and antagonism, starting from intra-tribal and city clashes up to proxy wars encompassing various global and regional players.

Berlin conference: The end of the game?

By Karim Mezran Throughout the continuously confusing Libyan crisis, the global community has consistently turned to its favorite tool to demonstrate progress towards a solution: an international conference.

Into the Libya Vortex

By Michael Young In an interview, Jalel Harchaoui (*) discusses the regional repercussions of the proxy war in North Africa.