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Into the Libya Vortex

By Michael Young In an interview, Jalel Harchaoui (*) discusses the regional repercussions of the proxy war in North Africa.

Libya and the Salafi pawns in the game

By Tankut Oztas Many observers in Libya are wary of the Madkhali groups, which are primarily advancing and prioritizing Saudi Arabia’s political and security interests.

Is Libya too big of a foreign policy...

By Nicholas Morgan On Jan. 2, Turkey’s Grand National Assembly approved a bill allowing for the deployment of Turkish troops to Libya after the Tripoli government activated a recently concluded security pact signed with Ankara last month.

Turkish MPs approve bill to send troops

By Jonathan Marcus Turkey’s parliament has passed a bill that will allow the government to deploy troops to Libya to intervene in the civil war. Turkish lawmakers passed the bill on Thursday, with 325 in favour to 184 against.

Turkish media shifts to Libya before dust...

By Michael Mackenzie The dust has not yet settled in northern Syria after Turkey launched a military operation there in October, capturing a strip of territory from Kurdish militias that it views as terrorists.

Why Washington must act

On the cliff edge of a new stage of the Libyan conflict By Federica Saini Fasanotti For much of its course, the war in Libya passed through deserts and rural areas, rarely reaching cities.

Libya’s War of the Many

By Emadeddin Badi Russia’s increased involvement in Libya marks a turning point in the conflict, making an Ankara-Kremlin rapprochement all the more likely.

Turkey’s military involvement in Libya set...

By Amberin Zaman Turkey is poised to formalize its military support to Libya’s internationally recognized government, that would inclue dispatching a rapid reaction force to the war convulsed North African nation if need be, under the terms...

Don’t Let Russia Dominate Libya

A Kremlin-backed tyrant in Tripoli would be a disaster for U.S. interests. By Emily Estelle American interests are under attack in Libya, whether we realize it or not. Adversaries and allies alike are attempting to install a dictator.

The struggle for Tripoli

Too many players engaged on both sides in Libya’s civil war to assume that Khalifa Haftar will emerge victorious. The US is the wild card.

Turkey-Libya agreement shakes up eastern...

By Diego Cupolo Ahead of this week’s NATO summit in London, fresh developments in the eastern Mediterranean Sea will likely add to a long list of tensions between Turkey and allied nations as the bloc celebrates its 70th anniversary.

Turkey-Libya agreement: A move with...

By Angelos Syrigos We do not yet know the details of the agreement signed on Thursday by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the head of Libya’s National Accord government Fayez al-Sarraj.

When refugees in Libya are being starved...

By Kenan Malik The EU’s dirty work is being carried out by the UN’s scandalous policy on migrants. A hospital that finds its patients so burdensome that it denies them medical care.