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Justice, Delayed in Libya

By Hanan Salah The scars ran deep. His back was a maze of thick welts, thinner scars and parts that resembled small craters.

Russia’s Wagner Mercenaries Have Moved...

By Michael Weiss & Pierre Vaux In emails revealing Moscow’s efforts to groom incompetent aspiring leaders of the oil-rich war-torn country, the cynicism would be almost laughable, but the carnage is continuous.

Libya: stalemate continues

Summary: Haftar’s LNA remains stuck around Tripoli. More bloodshed, but not comparable with true civil war. International community ineffective.

Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearance

Time for African states to end this practice On the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearance, five leading human rights organisations are calling on African states to end the use of enforced disappearances and ensure justice...

Trapped at the crossroads

By Maha Salah Egyptian laborers have been facing kidnapping and murder just to be able to make a living in Libya.

UAE Finances The Prevention Of Defections...

The United Arab Emirates regime is currently financing a campaign for Khalifeh Haftar allied militias in Libya, to prevent defections in his forces in the wake of the failure of its campaign to attack the capital Tripoli.

How The Times Analyzed the Migrant Center...

By Malachy Browne & Christiaan Triebert It seemed too outrageous that such a place would be bombed, but if it were true it might be a war crime. It was the middle of the night in Libya. How could we verify the claim?

Libyan Women Ignore Barriers to Launch...

By Ulf Laessing Inflation started reducing the value of Libyan assistant professor Seham Saleh’s state-paid earnings. So, she started selling drawings over the internet to help pay bills.