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Book Review: Revolts and the Military in the Arab Spring

By Cedric D’Hondt

History sheds a light on the ambivalent relationship between the military and civil government. A mere glance at 20th-century events confirms Zoltan Barany’s observation that ‘[…]the military is potentially one of the most consequential institutional actors in postauthoritarian transitions […].’ Read More

Short Film: Prisoner and Jailer

Prisoner and Jailer tells the story of two contrasting Libyans: a key official in the former regime and one of the most prominent figures of the post-revolutionary period in Libya. Read More

How Italy’s Libya vanished

By Thore Schröder & Livia Tagliacozzo

50 years ago, Gaddafi expelled 20,000 Italian settlers from Libya. Today they could build new bridges, once they clarify their colonial past. Read More

The Screening Room: “Lifeboat”

By Sarah Larson

Six minutes into Skye Fitzgerald’s half-hour documentary “Lifeboat,” Jon Castle, the soft-spoken captain of a boat that rescues North African migrants attempting to make it across the Mediterranean, leans over a nautical map. Read More

The True Story Behind the Movie A Private War

By Alejandro de la Garza

Behind every world conflict are individual stories of human suffering and dignity. For legendary Sunday Times foreign correspondent Marie Colvin, few places were too dangerous to search those stories out. Read More

Writing a catharsis process for Libyan poet

By Karen Dabrowska

Libyans can be shaped by tragedy but should never be defined by it. That was the message from Libyan poet Farrah Fray, who spoke about her work at London’s P21 Gallery, which hosted an exhibition of contemporary Libyan art. Read More

Why Libya Continues to Burn

Review By Dexter Filkins

In 2011, a vast uprising of ordinary people across the Arab world appeared initially as a moment of exhilaration — the Arab Spring, it was called — but very soon, nearly everywhere, it collapsed into mayhem. Read More

‘We Helped You and Now You’ve Abandoned Us’

By Frederic Wehrey

BENGHAZI, Libya — The villa complex that formerly housed the United States diplomatic mission in this city, the site where four Americans died during attacks that began on the night of Sept. 11, 2012, sits astride a dusty street teeming with bougainvillea. Read More

Seminar: The Military and Democratic Transition

As part of the regular season of weekly seminars held at the ACRPS, the Program for the Study of Democratic Transition in the Arab Countries convened a joint meeting of three scholars to discuss the roles of the security and military establishments in transitional phases in the Arab region. Read More

Risky business: Book selling in Libya

By Charlotte Bailey

The dangers of selling “the wrong” kind of book in Libya are many and varied and yet one chain of bookshops is still open for business. Charlotte Bailey speaks to a bookseller in Tripoli. Read More

Who is Amr Al-Nami?

By Safa Alharathy

Amr Al-Nami is a well-educated scholar with an open mind who graduated from Cambridge in 1971 and returned to his country as a freedom activist and a strong defender of Islamic culture. Read More