By Abdul Sattar Hatita

Cairo- U.N. envoy to Libya Martin Kobler told Asharq Al-Awsat that he was still optimistic on the possibility of Libya regaining stability, unity and peace. For the second time in less than a month, Kobler arrived in Egypt for meetings with various parties on the Libyan crisis.

The U.N. envoy said the purpose of these visits is to amend the Constitutional Declaration which is being enforced since the regime of Muammar Gaddafi was toppled in 2011, adding that it’s worrying to see a government depending on militias.

He stressed that militias have no future in Libya but this situation can’t be changed overnight.

Speaking of positive developments in Libya, Kobler said that there were three major improvements. “First, there is a national and international unanimity in Libya on Skhirat Agreement. I am trying to cooperate with the European Union (EU), the Arab League, the Security Council and the African Union (AU),” he said.

Second is the presence of the presidential council inside Tripoli and its tireless efforts. Third is combatting terrorism,” Kobler added.

Commenting on the presence of militias in Libya, he stressed that they should all be dissolved because they can’t provide security. He said: “Most of the groups in Tripoli are just criminal gangs that take people captive and threaten security. For this, what we need is an organized army and police to keep security… Security is the main demand of the Libyan people.”

As for the U.N.’s point of view, Kobler said: “ISIS, Ansar al-Shari’a and al-Qaeda members are extremists and terrorists who have no role or position in institutions. They are even put on blacklists.

There is a huge division inside the Libyan community and it is important that everyone unites together—the only way to achieve that is through dialogue,” he added.

Kobler assured Libyans that he will not give up working for the sake of women, children and men. He continued: “Every person should be given the chance to get education and every patient should be able to receive treatment in the hospital. Mothers are not supposed to wake up in the night as their children cry due to shooting. The U.N. always backs vulnerable individuals around the world.”


Abdul Sattar Hatita

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