Editorial: The opinions and attitudes had differed among the Libyans on celebrating the sixth anniversary of 17th Feb. revolution. Most of the views didn’t change on the succession of the revolution itself in collapsing the dictatorship and the corruption.

The dispute was about what happened after the revolution and who caused the chaos in Libya.

The official statements on the sixth anniversary talked about how to use it to end the crisis in Libya.

From his side, the head of the Presidential Council (PC), Fayez Al-Sarraj, stated that despite the pressures and the crisis the PC hadn’t stop efforts to make the accord succeeds.

He added that he tried his best to keep away from the political and military tensions in Libya.

On the other side, the House of Representatives (HoR) congratulated, on Thursday, the Libyan people who sacrificed for the freedom, equality, and ending the oppression.

The HoR called the Libyans to maintain the reached results of the revolution.

The head of the HoR, Ageela Saleh, said, on Friday, the despite the victory of the revolution “we are still facing many challenges, we are confronting the terrorism who are refusing the legitimacy of the HoR.”

Saleh called the Libyans to stand together to discover the mistakes and agree on national constants for the sake of building up the state of law and institutions.

In Tripoli, the State Council said that the anniversary is a great occasion to raise the flag of the freedom.

The State Council pledged to maintain the principles of the revolution, the sovereignty of the state, the commitment to the Constitutional Declaration, the interests of the people, and uphold the spirit of the national consensus.

On the other hand, the UN envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, congratulated the Libyans for the anniversary of the revolution. He called the different groups in Libya to uphold the interest of their country and bring the efforts together to come to a political resolution and end the crisis.

Kobler said that there is a political accord that able to be implemented to overcome the chaos and build a stable state, adding that this chance must not be lost.

The head of the Justice and Building Part, Mohamed Sowane, congratulated the Libyans on the anniversary and stressed that Skhirat agreement represents the hope and the political framework to revive the political process. He added that the dialogue could put the fundamentals to end the crisis.

The member of the political agreement committee, Fadel Lamen, criticized, on his Facebook page, the ones who execrate February revolution. He said that execrating the revolution doesn’t reflect the love for Libya.

Lamen stressed that what happened in September 1969 was a military coupe, while February 17 was a people uprising.

The journalist, Mahmud Shammam, said, on his Facebook page, that the celebrations of the revolution are coming as a reaction to the ones who are trying to return the wheel back. He added that there some others are seeking a factual correction to correct the mistakes.


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