An Arab diplomatic source told “Libyaprospect” that Cairo and Abu-Dhabi are becoming not happy from the commander of the army of the House of Representatives (HoR), General Khalifa Haftar, after supporting him since he started his war in Benghazi in 2014.

The source added that Haftar had upset Cairo and Abu-Dhabi because he started embarrassing them with his arrogance.

The source clarified that the upset happened since Haftar refused to talk with Serraj last week in Cairo after the efforts to prepare for the meeting.

Haftar’s refusal had weakened the Egyptian President, Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi, and his government internationally, which made Haftar’s followers thinking about replacing him with another commander for the army.

Looking for an alternative to Haftar:

On the Egyptian side, the officials had begun discussing the possibilities to find another commander instead of Haftar.

The source said that the Egyptians wanted the leaders of the Libyan army to propose another commander to ease the talks and resolve the Libyan crisis as soon as possible.

In Libya, the growing of the arrogance of Haftar is upsetting some Libyan army leaders, including the Chief of Staff of the HoR, Abdul-Razek Al-Nadhouri.

Libyan sources said that the main reason is that Haftar marginalizes his staff including Al-Nadhouri and others because Haftar gives his sons and his tribe the authorities away from the army.

The source added that even the head of the HoR, Ageela Saleh is feeling that Haftar is ignoring his staff and the political authorities in the eastern side of Libya because he interferes in the political issues while he must be only a leader of the army under the HoR.


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