The annual report of Amnesty International has said that the “Libyan National Army” which it described also as armed groups led by Khalifa Haftar and contain Gaddafi brigades’ fighters and tribal forces, bombed the civilian area of Ganfudah in Benghazi from the air and by artillery leading to the killing of many civilians.

The Amnesty International report also explains that Haftar-led forces carried many attacks and airstrikes on civilians under the pretext of fighting the Benghazi Mujahideen Shura Council in Ganfudah, while killing many civilians trapped in there.

The Wednesday report also said that the civilians that are still besieged by Haftar’s forces in Ganfudah are without water, food, electricity and other basic needs, while they are tolerating continuous shelling and strikes by the forces of Haftar’s Operation Dignity.

The report also said that Haftar’s forces are responsible for the killing of six civilians including children in a separate attack on Derna.

We have found 14 bodies with their hands tied to their feet in Al-Leethi area, which is an area under Haftar forces’ control, however; we have not conducted thorough investigation on the issue yet.” Amnesty International explained, in another implication to the atrocities done by Haftar’s forces.


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