Moscow believes that the Libyan crisis should be settled by the country’s nationals and will contribute to creation of conditions necessary for the peace process, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Thursday.

Lavrov said during the negotiations with Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj that “only Libyan people can overcome the current crisis.”

He called for the countrywide dialogue between all the parties to the Libyan conflict aimed at settling the turmoil.

Lavrov expressed solidarity with the Libyans amid the violation of their integrity and pointed out that Russia as Libya’s long-term partner was determined to help the country overcome the challenges.

“The attempts to dictate certain decisions fail, and we will be steadfast to the necessity to create conditions for Libyans to settle their issues,” Lavrov added.

Libya has been suffering from a civil war since 2011 when Gaddafi was overthrown. In December 2015 the two rival governments had composed the Government of National Accord, but one of the parties refused to cooperate after that.

The instability in the country facilitated the emergence of militant groups, including IS terror group, outlawed in Russia, which had been carrying out attacks on Libya’s oil infrastructure.


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