By Abdullah Ben Ibrahim

The pot calling the kettle black, Aref Al-Nayad accused the Muslim Brotherhood of being a transnational organization while he receives funds from the UAE.

Libya’s former ambassador to the UAE, Aref Al-Nayad, has launched a strongly-worded attack on his political rivals and accused the UN-proposed Presidency Council of harbouring terrorists and supporting Al-Qaeda elements.

Speaking in “Libya: Trauma, Healing, and Open Horizons” event hosted by The Heritage Foundation, a conservative US think tank, Al-Nayad claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood, the Libyan Fighting Group and Al-Qaeda were behind the recent attack on Libya’s oil ports under the legitimacy of the internationally-backed government.

He blamed the USA for backing the Presidency Council and undermining attempts to sack it, admitting that he is one of the contenders for the post of prime minister to replace Fayaz Sirraj.

I came to Washington to urge you quickly to relook to what you are doing to us,” he said.

He accused the former US administration of advocating Muslim Brotherhood and Libyan Fighting Group for the last 6 years.

Supporting Muslim Brotherhood and Libyan Fighting Group elements is a threat to the USA,” he said, urging the new US administration to reconsider what he called “crazy policy” of supporting terrorists that will undermine US interests in the region.

I hope the change that you have in this country may open the way to reconsideration of your policies,” he added, calling the new US administration to appoint a special envoy to Libya to hold the Libyan file and take the leading role over regional and European powers.

Dignity Operation allies are used to play Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda cards to frighten the international community into supporting Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled army, which claims that it is fighting terrorism on behalf of the world.  

Al-Nayad claimed that so-called “the Libyan National Army” has been fighting terrorists for 3 years without any international support, turning a blind eye to the declared support of Egypt and the UAE to Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled army.  

No one is helping LNA while Al-Qaeda army is being blessed by the UN and USA into attacking the east,” he remarked.

While much of his fortunes come from the UAE, Aref Al-Nayad accused the Muslim Brotherhood, the strong political rival for his favourite political party of National Forces Alliance, of being a transnational organization with transnational aspirations, a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black.

To build a country you need people who are committed to a nation state,” he said.

Al-Nayad is a puppet in hands of UAE rulers. His Libya Channel TV has received $26.6 million in funding from the UAE intelligence services, according to UAE 71 news website.

During his lecture, he turned to Libya’s Grand Mufti Sadiq Al-Gharyani and accused him of declaring Jihad in Benghazi. While he failed to refer to the several threats of Dignity Operation commanders to attack Tripoli, he accused the Mufti of advocating attacks and bloodshed.

The Mufti’s call to fight Khalifa Haftar’s forces and his support for Benghazi IDPs and Benghazi Defense Brigades’ right to return to their city are interpreted by Dignity Operation and its affiliates into a call for Jihad, bloodshed and violence.

Al-Nayad also lashed out at the governor of Central Bank of Libya Al-Siddiq Al-Kabir and accused him and some of his staffers of arming Islamist militias by giving them trade finance.


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