By Abdullah Ben Ibrahim

The Ministry of Finance has started using the national ID number for pay to eliminate corruption in government jobs. The Ministry of Finance released Monday a report about the number of Libya’s state workers and pay after matching them with the national ID number.

The ministry report recorded between 1.400.000 and 1.505.859 state employees in 2016 with a payroll of LYD 1.506.975.980 billion per month.

In 2015, the government employed between 1.200.000 and 1.500.000 workers with a monthly payroll of LYD 1.687.736.896 billion.

The report summarizes the functionality of the ministry’s national ID matching system, which was launched in 2015 with the aim to remove job duplication and redundancy. Before that, thousands of people were serving more than one government job with dual and multiple salaries every month.

The ministry said it had entered around 2 million national ID numbers into the matching system and eliminated 100.000 dual jobs.

The national ID matching system revealed that there were people with 8 government jobs at the same time,” the ministry report disclosed, adding that 1732 minors between the ages of 10 and 18 were registered as government workers, which violates the Libyan labour law.

The national ID matching system also discovered 15000 national ID numbers for seniors and retirees receiving government salaries in addition to their pension.

The national ID matching system has saved about LYD 5 billion between March 2015 and January 2017 and reduced the payroll from LYD 24 billion to LYD 19 annually.” The ministry report indicated.

The ministry pointed out that completion percentage of the national ID matching system has reached 85%, warning that a number of government authorities refused to provide the ministry with the national ID numbers of their staffers, which would waste more money from the state budget.







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