The commander of the Commandos forces that affiliated with the Dignity Operation, Wanis Bu-Khamada, hold “mentally ill soldiers” the responsibility for the graves digging and the corpses desecration.

He added that “the lengthy stay along frontlines for more than two years, the blood, and killings prompted them to such acts that contradict with the military institution.”

He added, addressing the tribal and elders group in Benghazi in the east, that “his troops exhumed the graves to search for their relatives killed earlier in the western axis.” He promised that full investigations with perpetrators would be started to refer them to the justice, following orders from the army supreme commander.

The spokesperson of the Commandos forces, Melod Al-Zway, previously justified the incidents of grave exhumation and body desecration using religious texts, he also justified the killing of three youth from Tuareg tribe in Benghazi by the special forces officer, Mahmud Al-Werfalli. Al-Zway regarded Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council “infidels and Khawarej,” adding that “they are the ones who started it.”

It is worth to mention that Bu-Khamada and his son appeared in photos depicting bodies desecration carried out in Benghazi, while some of his supporters attempted to persuade the public opinion that digging the graves was meant to move the bodies to other graves instead of the current collective ones, which contradicts Bu-Khamada statements that this was carried out by mentally ill fighters.

It was evident that Mahmoud Al-Werfalli killed the three youth after taking an order from another out of picture commander, whose voice was clear, which proves that the execution was carried on military orders, not by a psychopath.

Another video showed the detention of two girls within families left from Ganfouda are in Benghazi, the two girls appeared frightened, but one Haftar army officer told them that they would be handed over to their families if not accused. Observers were surprised as the two girls are too young. No news emerged about the two girls after publishing that video.


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