Eyewitnesses, in Benghazi, said that Emirati and Egyptian airstrikes carried out air attacks on the areas of Souq Al-Hot, al-Sabry, and central Benghazi to help the forces of the House of Representatives (HoR) that led by General Khalifa Haftar. The air raids caused an enormous devastation in Benghazi.

The sources that Haftar’s cannot carry out such attacks because the air bombardment is unusual and very intense, which means that the UAE and Egypt are supporting Haftar.

In the same context, the clashes in Benghazi are continued between the forces of Haftar and Revolutionary Shura Council, using different kinds of weapons, including artillery.

A source close to Revolutionary Shura Council said that Egypt and UAE are allied with Haftar to control Libya for the sake of bringing more partners to increase the pressure on the State of Qatar.

In addition to that, UAE and Egypt advised the HoR and the Interim Government through Haftar’s supporters to announce boycotting Qatar.

Moreover, the HoR issued a list of terrorists to accuse Qatar of supporting terrorism in Libya.

In this context, sources close to the Attorney General Office, in Tripoli, said that some of the Libyans who are listed on the list of terrorists submitted a complaint against the member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Talal Al-Meahob, who prepared the list last couple of days.

The sources added that the number of the listed ones is expected to be raised during the coming week.

The complaints accused Al-Meahob of spreading rumors, defamation, and counterfeiting that could affect the political situation in Libya.

Other news said that some of the listed citizens would go to the international judiciary.

Another source told LIBYAPROSPECT that the Egyptian-Emirati airstrikes destroyed significant parts of the central Benghazi because they used high explosive bombs that caused major explosions.


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