The Libyan crisis made the United States issue a final decision to prevent the commander of the army of the House of Representatives (HoR), General Khalifa Haftar, carrying out a military operation towards the Libyan capital city, Tripoli, over the last three days.

Media sources said that the US had issued this decision to find a political solution, not a military one.

The United States received information that Haftar’s forces were getting ready to attack Tripoli after announcing controlling Benghazi with Egyptian and Emirati support.

An American source in Cairo revealed that the US diplomacy told the Egyptians that it is not accepted from Egypt to do anything to destabilise the security situation in Libya anymore.

The source confirmed that the Commander of the US Africa Command (AFRICOM), Thomas Waldhauser, told the Egyptian Army Chief Staff, Mahmud Hegazy, three days ago, that the US wouldn’t accept any solution for Libya away from the Political Agreement.

The same source added that the US told the two main supporters of Haftar, Egypt and the UAE, that any movements against Tripoli are refused by the US.

The source stressed that the US is sticking to the international option and thinks that the solution should be within the Political Agreement and Haftar must participate. It added that the US wouldn’t accept Haftar and his forces as the only solution for Libya.

The US thinks that Haftar and his forces are not different from the other militias in Libya, pointing that when Haftar includes the remnants of the battles of Gaddafi doesn’t mean that his forces represent what so called the Libyan National Army.

The source clarified that Haftar’s plans were supported by Egypt and the UAE, which means that Abu-Dhabi wanted to finance Haftar and some other tribal militias to attack Tripoli, pointing to Haftar’s visit to Abu-Dhabi to meet the Prince Mohamed Bin Zaid.

The target behind that was to help Haftar to impose a new situation and control more areas in Libya to make the International Community accept him as the only leader in Libya.

In the same context, US diplomats stated, on Thursday, the America is trying to involve a broad range of Libyan political and security personalities, including Haftar, to promote the political operation to bring back the stability to Libya.

The US diplomacy in Libya is trying to convince the Libyan factions to ease the tension and find a solution depending on the Political Agreement that provides a road map to reach the national elections.

The US is still willing to work with the head of the Presidential Council (PC) 0f the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez Al-Sarraj, and the UN envoy to Libya.


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