Libyan writer and politician Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Hangari has said that the United States and Russia, in cooperation with other members of the UN Security Council, are discussing a new resolution by the UN Security Council to take over the administration of Libya.

This would last for a period of two to eight months during which parliamentary elections will take place and the formation of a single Libyan government will eventually take over the administration of Libyan affairs.

If the news is true, this solution may be the best to get Libya out from the current violent impasse since the Libyans cannot solve their own problems,” Al-Hangari said in remarks published on his Facebook page.

This solution means that UN forces will go to selected and specific locations within Libya to disarm militias and armed gangs by force if they refuse to hand over their weapons voluntarily to UN forces, similar to what happened in Cambodia,” he said.

According to Al-Hangari UN forces will protect Libyan institutions as the Libyan armed forces, public security services and police are being rebuilt in accordance with international standards and under the direct supervision of the UN interim authorities in Libya.

Earlier this week the head of the UN-recognised national reconciliation government in Libya, Fayez Al-Sarraj, said that presidential and parliamentary elections should be held in March to put an end to violence in the country.


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