Egyptian observers think that the relationship between establishing Mohamed Najeeb military base in Marsa Matrouh area nearby the borders with Libya and the UAE activities in northern Egyptian coast is to support the commander of the Dignity Operation that led by General Khalifa Haftar in Libya.

The former Egyptian Foreign Minister assistant, Abdulla Al-Ashal, said that establishing the military base is mainly to support Haftar and to enable the Russians to intervene in Libya.

Al-Ashal called for forming an Egyptian front to stand against the conspiracy that led by the President, Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi.

In the same context, observers said that the UAE is trying to control the northern coast of Egypt that include areas around the military base to benefit from the Egyptian economy and to gain its support to Haftar in Libya.

The observers added that the UAE is trying to use Egypt to control the region including Libya. The UAE is benefiting from the corruption in Egypt to increase its power in the country to achieve more support against the State of Qatar.

It is worth mentioning that the Chief of UAE army staff, Issa Al-Mazroui, arrived in Benghazi, on the first day of Eid Al-Fitr to meet Haftar.

The media office of Haftar’s forces said that the main reason for the visit is to strengthen the relationship between Libya and the UAE.

Observers commented on that visit saying that it was a message from Abu-Dhabi to the new United Nations envoy, Ghassan Salame, stressing that the UAE militarily support to Haftar would continue, not diplomatic or political.

Last June, Eyewitnesses, in Benghazi, said that Emirati and Egyptian air strikes carried out air attacks on the areas of Souq Al-Hot, al-Sabry, and central Benghazi to help the forces of Haftar. The air raids caused an enormous devastation in Benghazi

Sources said that Haftar’s forces wouldn’t carry out such attacks because the air bombardment was unusual and very intense, which means that the UAE and Egypt are supporting Haftar for the sake of giving the UAE more power in the region.

In the same context, the spokesperson of Haftar’ forces, Ahmed Al-Mesmary, accused, last month, Qatar, Turkey and Sudan of supporting terrorism in Libya.

Observers noticed that Al-Mesmary mentioned Qatar more than any other country, stressing that Qatar is financing the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood and other militias to keep Libya divided and to waste the Libyan oil wealth.

The observers expressed their surprise as Al-Mesmary tried to hide the support of the UAE and Egypt to the forces of the HoR that led by General Khalifa Haftar.

Moreover, the observers said that Haftar’s forces are not able to fight without the supporting troops of the Salafists in the eastern side of Libya, especially in Benghazi.

Haftar’s troops are more than backed by the Egyptian and the Emirati air forces. The UAE airstrikes bombarded many locations in Benghazi. Also, the Egyptian forces helped Haftar’s forces using air raids and even on the ground.

From its side, Qatar had denied the accusations and condemned the statements of Al-Mesmary.

It is essential mentioning that the United Nations issued its annual report, last month, on the UAE providing weapons to the forces of Haftar in Libya, which was a significant prove that UAE is interfering in Libya.

The United Nations sanctions committee confirmed that Emirati involvement in violating the arms embargo against Libya, states that the UAE had provided Haftar with military equipment to back him in the civil war.

The report revealed that Haftar forces received Belarus made vertical jets and 195 fighting guns, besides other aircraft.

The report included photos of an air base south the city of Al-Marj, the forces of Haftar headquarter in the east, as the UAE developed the facility. The photos also depicted some fighting jets, other shows engineering work to widen the base.

The photos revealed planes and vertical fighters, developed by American companies exclusively for the UAE, proof that it provided Haftar with fighting jets for military proposes.



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