By Abdulkader Assad

The Tripoli-based Special Deterrent Force (SDF) has arrested an individual named Al-Mabrouk Ehnish, whom it said is the commander of an armed group that entered Wershiffana district days ago.

The SDF added Monday on its Facebook page that Ehnish was caught with a Sudanese national named Emam Al-Faqi, and both were attempting to grip control of Tripoli’s entrances.

“The armed group plotted to control Tripoli’s entrances in accordance with some inner armed groups in the capital, but security and military forces in the capital took the war to their field and thwarted their scheme.” The SDF explained.

Before entering Wershiffana, the armed group led by the now-behind-bars Ehnish clashed with security forces in Gharyan before it had positioned itself in Al-Aziziya in one of the camps, the SDF added.

“The armed group includes 120 mercenaries from Sudanese Justice and Equality Rebel Movement.” The SDF further explained.

It also indicated that the apprehension came after several security operations that could have yielded the surrender of the “gang’s” arms, however they refused to do so and to surrender themselves as well until more details about the arrest of Ehnish and the Sudanese national come out.

“This incident had provided a blatant violation of Libya’s sovereignty as Sudanese mercenaries were on Libyan soil under the command of Ehnish, who was hoping to create some sort of mayhem.” The SDF added.

Ehnish is one of the leaders for the so-called “Popular Front for Liberation of Libya” that is headed by Gaddafi’s henchmen who live abroad, according to the SDF.

The SDF slammed the attempt of the arrested armed group’s leaders as an endeavor to destabilize Libya and change the ruling system, adding that investigations are still underway and the criminals will be handed over to the Attorney General’s Office afterward.


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