A solemn funeral in Derna carried the victims who were killed, on Monday, in an airstrike.

The funeral turned to become a demonstration denouncing the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, accusing him of targeting children and women in the city of Derna.

The demonstrators raised banners calling for punishing Haftar. The demonstrators chanted saying “No God except Allah .. Haftar is the enemy of Allah.”

Sources said that the situation in Derna is tragic, clarifying that the roads are closed and the hospital suffers from the lack of medical materials and staff.

The war crime in Derna ha provoked local and international reactions, condemning the crime that targeted the civilians and killed children and women.

The Libyan writer, Mohamed Buisier, said on his FaceBook account that killing children and the elderly in Derna is a crime against humanity.

Buisier stated that everyone participated in this crime would be brought to the justice maybe next week, next year, or even after ten years, but won’t escape the accountability.

Buisier said that the criminals would not escape the curse of the history. Then he mentioned the head of the House of Representatives (HoR) and the supreme commander, Ageela Saleh, and the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, as well as other officers, including the commander of the air forces, Al-Jorushi.

Buisier added that the cruelty that was used in Al-Abiar used again in Derna. He stressed that investigation is not necessary because “we are in front of the madness of violence.”

Buisier said that the above names would be mentioned as the killers of the children of their country while sleeping. He added that they are killers even if the airstrikes had been implemented by the hands of foreign warplanes.

The head of the Justice and Construction Party, Mohamed Sowane, said that what happened in Derna and before that in Al-Abiar as well as the other crimes against humanity are dangerous phenomena that threaten the human rights.

Sowane added that it is not acceptable to go for any settlement if Haftar is part of it. Sowane called the International Community and the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) to support the Libyans to come to the stability in Libya and the region.

The political activist, Faisal Feituri, called on his FaceBook account described Haftar as a war criminal and the HoR as the follower of the Egyptian President, Al-Sisi. He added that the Libyan people wouldn’t forgive Haftar, the HoR, the agents of the UAE, and all cartoon bodies in Tripoli.

The activist, Soliman Albrassi, commented on the social media that shelling Derna won’t be the last.

He said that fighting terrorism doesn’t give the green light to the HoR and Haftar to do whatever they want without accountability.

The human rights activist, Sami Shamis, said that until now the signs point that the air raids on Derna were carried out by the Egyptian warplanes because the attack was at night and was from a high-level aviation while Haftar’s warplanes can’t do that.

He clarified that Haftar’s warplanes don’t have the features of night airstrikes, adding that Haftar’s warplanes can’t raid from high levels.

Shamis called for calling the Egyptian ambassador to Libya for clarifications.

The activist, Osama Aljared, commented that Derna crime is an attempt to hide the crime of Al-Abiar, describing it as a stupid idea.

Aljared stated that Haftar’s plan to mix cards is continued because his media started immediately to allege that Daesh is still in Derna.


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