By Abdullah Ben Ibrahim

Notorious killer of Saiqa militia, Mahmud Al-Werrfalli, has launched a foul-mouthed attack on so-called Chief of Control and Judicial Authority, Oun Al-Furjani, a senior tribal aide to warlord Khalifa Haftar, accusing him of failure to provide support to Saiqa militants.

In a leaked telephone conversation, Al-Werrfalli ranted about Al-Furjani and “the General Command” for not treating the wounded militants and paying off millions of debts owed by Saiqa to lenders.

Using rude and cheeky words, Al-Werrfalli threatened Oun with dire consequences if their demands were not met, asking him to convey the demands to the “General Command”.

I speak on behalf 5000 fighters.” He shouted, adding that they may lose temper and ban Oun and his loyal groups from moving in Benghazi.

All people are complaining; debts are being loaded on our shoulders; we buy food supplies from the black market; a lender owes me LYD 2 million”. He angrily shouted as Oun was trying to calm him down.  

He said many Saiqa fighters are complaining outside his house every day about lack of support and they are running out of patience.

Al-Werrfalli disclosed during the telephone conversation name of the main Saiqa funder, a businessman called Abdul-Latif Al-Mishai, warning Oun of causing any harm to him after receiving reports of Oun’s intention to summon the businessman, who Al-Werrfalli says is taking care now of the wounded Saiqa fighters in Tunisia.

He is our father; he is the main backer, stay away from him”. He warned Oun.

Al-Werrfalli accused Oun of usurping LYD 20 million from a marble factory for a person he identified as “ISIS owner”, a charge Dignity Operation usually uses for opponents.

The International Criminal Court has recently issued an arrest warrant for Al-Werrfalli after committing war crimes in Benghazi including desecrating corpses and summary executions of prisoners.

Dignity Operation command has rejected so far to hand him over to the ICC, claiming it had arrested him and placed him under investigation, but several identical reports indicated he is still free.

Al-Werrfalli clarified during the telephone conversation that he is a loyal Dignity Operation officer and that he was obeying the instructions he received from the “General Command”, which makes the latter complicit in the war crimes committed by Al-Werrfalli in Benghazi during the three-year long war.

Brigadier General Oun Al-Furjani was an intelligence officer in Gaddafi’s regime before defecting in 2011. He was appointed last April as Chief of Control and Judicial Authority of Dignity Operation in addition to his post as top manager of Khalifa Haftar’s office.

Both Khalifa Haftar and Oun are from Al-Furjan tribe.


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