He was in Haftar’s Prison since last year!!

A source from the family of Abdul-Raheem Al-Mesmary who was appeared on Egyptian TV channels, a few days ago, said that Abdul-Raheem was arrested by the Dignity Operation that led by General Khalifa Haftar, last year, in Al-Makhely area south Derna.

Al-Mesmary admitted, on the TV channel, that he was involved in killing two Egyptian police officers in Al-Wahat area in Egypt, more than one month ago.

The family source stated that Al-Mesmary hadn’t travelled to Egypt to participate in the terrorist attack. The source added that Haftar’s forces arrested Al-Mesmary in Libya and handed him over to Egypt.

The source confirmed that one of the commanders of Haftar’s forces stated, last year, on his FaceBook page that his battalion arrested al-Mesmary.

The source added that the commander had deleted his statement after the appearance of Al-Mesmary on the Egyptian TV.

Observers said that the confessions of Al-Mesmary had come after the last air raids on the area of Al-Fataeh south Derna, which means that the Egyptian air forces involved in bombarding the area to kill women and children.

The observers added that Egypt is trying to justify shelling Derna under the pretext of fighting the terrorism alleging that Derna is sending terrorists and weapons to Egypt.

It is essential to mention that Derna defeated Daesh elements, who had escaped from Derna to reach Sirte, more than 800 Km away from Derna.

Commentators said that Haftar hands Libyans to Egypt with fabricated accusations while he refuses to hand the commander Mahmoud Al-Werfalli, who killed prisoners in Benghazi, to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The commentators added that Haftar surrenders the sovereignty to Egypt to get its support to become the military ruler of Libya.

Some comment that Haftar, who couldn’t achieve his political and military goals after three years of wars in Benghazi, is not able to fight for his goals even with the support of Egypt and the UAE.

Haftar’s failure points that his political and military age is expiring, and he is now actually retired.


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