The House of Representatives (HoR) is weighing up 18 candidates for the reshuffled Presidency Council, The Libya Times can reveal.

An internal memo obtained by this website showed that the HoR is considering 18 names divided into 6 groups each comprising 3 representing Libya’s three geographical regions: Tripolitania, Fezzan and Cyrenaica. The list contained no surprises. Here is a breakdown followed by our predictions.

Prediction: A sensible selection of names who should be able to work together. However, the fact that it has Agila Saleh’s name on it hardly makes it an improvement to the incumbent Presidency Council. 

Prediction: Despite being one of the least attractive options, yet the chemistry among this trio makes it the most likely to co-exist and work peacefully.

Prediction: Good list. A non-controversial combination that could work.

Prediction: This is by far our favourite team. And although we don’t know much about Haramain, yet the first two are major no-nonsense, result-oriented patriotic players. Just what Libya needs.

Prediction: It’s impossible for such an explosive combination to work. On day one, either Swaihli or Qtrani, will set his own separate Council and call the other two illegitimate.

Prediction: This is our second favourite team. We don’t know much about Moghrbi, but the other two are extremely competent. That said, we are almost certain that it will not be selected for lacking Muslim Brotherhood representation.


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