Libya’s 2017 death toll of 433 people included 79 children and ten women, according to figures released by the National Human Rights Commission in Libya (NHRCL).

The organisation recorded 201 extrajudicial murders and 157 civilians slain in crossfire, by booby traps, robbers and kidnappers.

The statistics do not include fatalities among Libyan National Army personnel nor the militants whom they have been fighting.

UNSMIL has also produced its count of dead and injured civilians for last month. Five people were killed, including a 13 year-old girl hit by a stray round in Zawia.

A six year-old girl and two men were fatally injured by ordinance or booby traps that exploded in Benghazi’s Sabri district. UNSMIL noted that these devices were left behind by the Benghazi Revolutionaries’ Shoura Council as they retreated before the Libyan National Army.

The UN organisation also recorded the discovery in a Sebha well of the decomposing body of a policeman who had been missing for several months. 

Another body was discovered in another well, this time in Khoms. The victim, a man from Misrata had been reported missing at the start of December.

UNSMIL lists the assassination of Misrata’s mayor Mohamed Eshtewi  among the casualties from the violation of humanitarian law.


Top Photo: A grieving woman in a Tripoli cemetery (Benjamin Lowy)


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