By Isobel Yeung

Libya is in chaos. Rival governments compete for power, human smuggling is rampant, and black markets thrive for everything from oil to hard currency.

The international community is backing the Government of National Accord, which maintains a tenuous hold on the capital.

But the government’s survival depends on warring militias, many of which are paid to police the smuggling they themselves are involved in.

A great number of Libyans blame Western powers for toppling Gaddafi back in 2011 without fully considering the alternatives. Several men told us that if the revolution were to happen now, they’d fight for rather than against the dictator.

This week on VICE on HBO, correspondent Isobel Yeung heads to the war-torn country to see how the revolution fell apart.

Before the episode airs on HBO, Isobel shared some insights and photos from her report.


Isobel Yeung – Correspondent & Producer, VICE on HBO


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