The United Arab Emirates regime is currently financing a campaign for Khalifeh Haftar allied militias in Libya, to prevent defections in his forces in the wake of the failure of its campaign to attack the capital Tripoli.

The UAE is concerned about areas in western Libya backing from military support for Haftar in his latest operation. Those areas paved the way for him to reach the outskirts of the capital, after receiving large sums of money.

Emirates Leaks learned of the funding campaign under the direct supervision of the National Security Advisor and the brother of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Tahnoon bin Zayed.

The announcement coincided with the attempts by the UAE and its allies in Saudi Arabia and Egypt to find a way out of the current impasse after failing to enter Tripoli and topple the internationally recognized national reconciliation government after nearly three months of fighting.

There have been documented reports of a shift in the attitudes of some cities and areas that have responded to Haftar’s moves towards the capital, such as Tarhouna and Bani Walid, following the massive loss of the Haftar militia in Gharyan, where the operations center was the attacking forces.

The recession was a sudden and completely unexpected and carried negative effect on Haftar allies at home and abroad.  Egypt and the UAE reached agreements with forces and international parties to support his movements and give him an opportunity, to impose control over the entire Libyan territory.

The US administration has given the green light, or at least we can say it turned a blind eye on the arming of Haftar forces by the political leadership in Egypt and the UAE.

But after the recent defeat of Gaïter in Griéne, and the near-impending international crisis of a country like France, Paris took steps to reduce its support.

So there are persistent attempts by the Hafter and his allies in Abu Dhabi and Cairo to offer wider inducements to Libyan leaders of tens of millions into banks and delivering fuel shipments to prevent splits from Haftar.

The UAE is playing a criminal and subversive role in Libya by supporting the Khalifa militias to serve their plots to spread chaos and plunder the country’s wealth and capabilities.

UAE Finances African Mercenaries To Fight In Libya

With instructions from Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, the UAE regime has begun to deploy hundreds of foreign mercenaries in Libya as part of Abu Dhabi’s criminal plots to spread chaos and sabotage in the country.

These African mercenary fighters are being transferred to militia camps by the retired brigade general Khalifa Hafter, the UAE ally in Libya, especially at al-Jafra base in the south of the country and under direct supervision from Emirati officers.

The large numbers of mercenaries transferred by the UAE during the past two days to Libya are from the Sudan Liberation Movement. They arrived at Al-Jafra base in the form of armed vehicles, guns and armored vehicles armed with military supplies, in preparation for the launch of the second phase of the operation against Tripoli.

The UAE is trying to cover Haftar shortage of fighters after the decline of tribal support in the previous campaign.

A week ago, large-scale mobilizing operations were monitored across the western Egyptian border and the southern border of Libya, funded by Saudi Arabia and the UAE to take part in the Tripoli raid.

These operations took place following agreements signed with armed elements from Chad, financed by the UAE and Saudi. This move aims at “reducing the Turkish interference in favor of the Government of National Accord and Islamic groups forces.”

Recently, the internationally recognized government announced its intention to sue the UAE for supporting subversive and criminal militias in the country.

The Libyan government announced the establishment of a team of legal experts to prepare a lawsuit in international courts against the UAE, because of its support of the Haftar militias.

Mustafa al-Mujaie, a spokesman for Fayez al-Sarraj’s government forces, said that the team collected information about the UAE’s intention to provide anti-aircraft weapons to Haftar forces.

After liberating the city of Gharyan, which is the operations room of Hafar’s forces, we found US weapons that were sold to the UAE. that confirms the involvement of the UAE in fighting Libya,” he said.

He added: “The Government of National Accord have decided to classify the UAE as an enemy state of the Libyan people, because of its support for the war criminal, Hafter, with arms gear, and military advisers.”

The spokesman said that his country would take several measures against the UAE. He also said that his government “will stop trading with them.”


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