By İbrahim Karagül

Libya is playing host to a bitter war that has witnessed the country being carved up. Those responsible for Gaddafi’s ouster are taking the next step and plundering the country.

The U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), joined by France and Russia, established a coalition, a joint front, against the UN-recognized Government of National Accord in aims to share Libya, its oil and natural gas.

They have all lined up behind Khalifa Haftar, who is one of the terror barons the CIA has bred for our region.

He is a Trojan horse. He is one of the names to be used for the great alliance in question and their affiliated companies, and later tossed like a rag to a corner.

Haftar is Libya’s Daesh; the biggest terrorist organization

With extraordinary military support, Haftar’s army has become the biggest terrorist organization in our region, after Daesh and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

The role Haftar has undertaken in Libya is one and the same as the role Daesh assumed in Syria. His army is currently the biggest terrorist organization in the region.

He receives great amounts of ammunition support daily from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, France, the U.S. and Russia. Egyptian troops are directly involved in the war. So are French forces. Meanwhile, the UAE amassed all its air forces in Libya.

Countries trying to corner Turkey in the north of Syria through the PKK and Daesh, then aspiring to open the “Turkey front,” have, this time, established the same front in Libya.

Haftar is receiving shipments the same way the PKK and its Syrian affiliate the People’s Protection Units (YPG) received them. Another country is being destroyed by the hands of Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The same front, same alliance is attacking Turkey from the Mediterranean this time

Turkey cracked the siege in Syria and rendered the project dysfunctional with the Euphrates Shield, Afrin and Peace Spring operations.

The terror corridor, the map plan collapsed. Turkey not only fought the PKK there but it also had to fight the Saudi Arabia-UAE-Egypt bloc. The map that extended from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean collapsed.

Right at this moment, one leg of the siege was being carried out through the sea. The siege was being extended from the Iranian border toward the Mediterranean.

A massive front, alliance was formed in a bid to corner Turkey from the East Mediterranean and siege it from the Mediterranean and the Aegean.

The U.S., Israel, Greece, the Greek Cypriot Administration of South Cyprus (GCAS), France, certain EU countries, along with the Saudi administration, Egypt, and the UAE, stood up against Turkey here as well.

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt fighting Turkey across the region

There are deals upon deals, alliances upon alliances made over East Mediterranean energy resources; this time the Mediterranean was being carved up. Similar to that in northern Syria, the entire goal here was to siege Turkey, corner it, keep it out and drown it.

The UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt had assumed the role of assassin again, and were hiding behind Israel and the West’s power while fighting against Turkey.

Turkey did not backtrack in any way. Instead, it resisted and challenged. It responded to the attacks with an offensive as it did in northern Syria.

It steered its drillships to the Mediterranean and started operations in accordance with its own map. It activated its fleets in the Mediterranean and Aegean. This served to deter and frighten some companies and spoiled some countries’ plans.

Turkey’s maritime deal with Libya: We were already neighbors! They’re all in panic

Yet, Turkey’s greatest blow was the Exclusive Economic Zone deal it made with Libya. Nobody was expecting this, which is why it caused a major shock effect in opposing countries.

Everyone was taking position in accordance with the Mediterranean map identified by the West, but Turkey put forth a game-changing map.

Turkey and Libya became neighbors through their sea borders, leading to a significant expansion in both countries’ surface area. The Mediterranean plans have been destroyed. They were not ready for this. They all gathered in panic and started to threaten Turkey in unison.

Sending troops to Libya means establishing a defense shield there

The deal between Turkey and Libya was not limited to their maritime borders. Both countries signed a military cooperation agreement. Accordingly, in the case that Libya requests it, Turkey can send troops to the country, train and arm the Libyan military.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated twice, “We may send troops if Libya requests it.” Turkey is already covertly in Libya. However, this deal enables the open deployment of land forces, fleets and air forces to Libya.

Turkey is striving to stop a great threat that is targeting it in Libya. It wants to prevent Libya’s division, negate plans aimed at drowning Turkey in the Mediterranean, and establish its defense shield there. Beyond being a desire, this is, in fact, an obligation.

We will not allow them to exacerbate the situation, which we experienced in northern Syria, in the Mediterranean.

So, what were we supposed to do, surrender? Turkey has never, nor will it ever.

A meticulous siege map determined to surround Turkey from the Iranian border to the East Mediterranean, from the Aegean to the Balkans is being implemented.

This is a nightmare scenario aimed at “stopping Turkey, confining it within Anatolia, ending its new rising era, and then suffocating it inside.”

Needless to say, they simultaneously built the same front within the country. What was a country to do in such a situation? Should it have surrendered?

Was it supposed to do what the U.S., Israel, France, Greece, the UAE and Egypt dictated?

Is Turkey such a country?

Is there any instance in its centuries-long political history?

No, there never has and never will be.

Not an internal politics matter, cut the hogwash.

Clashes in Libya have immensely intensified. We may wake up to extraordinary developments any day now.

If they have their way in Libya, we may have no area of maneuver left in the Mediterranean and Aegean. They will drown us, which is what they intend to do anyway.

This is not a matter of internal politics; it is a matter of the region, history and the future. Hence, Turkey will be – and has to be – present in both Libya and the Mediterranean with all its might, including sending troops and openly going to war!

We are there today for the same reasons we were in the 1911-1912 Turco-Italian War. We are present across the entire region and will continue to be so. Otherwise, they will not allow us to exist in Anatolia.

We saw this a century ago. We are not going to go through the same scenario once more as the world is being re-established and maps are being redrawn.

Deployment can start any moment. The UAE is our open enemy; everything necessary must be done.

Libya may experience significant changes within the next few days. Turkey may deploy military forces to this country at any moment. The Turkish military will go to Libya if it must.

Turkey cannot be allowed to be squeezed in-between the Aegean’s narrow islands. It cannot be isolated from the region. It cannot be kicked out of the Mediterranean. We have memorized this game by now.

Additionally, it should be noted that the UAE is Turkey’s biggest enemy, in every corner of the region across borders, and that it is a monument of evil.

A struggle must be started in all known areas against this country; whatever is necessary, whatever can be done, must be done.


İbrahim Karagül – Yeni Şafak Editor in Chief. Albayrak Yayın Holding Executive Committee Member.


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