The Sudanese capital, Khartoum, witnessed during the past two days demonstrations condemning the “recruitment” of the UAE by hundreds of Sudanese youth, and sending them to Yemen and Libya as fighters, which led to an unprecedented increase in popular anger against Abu Dhabi.

On Tuesday, hundreds of protesters managed to break a military cordon, and arrived at the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs carrying a memorandum demanding the return of Sudanese youth who were “deceived” in civilian jobs, before being sent to military destinations and sites in Libya and Yemen, according to the memo.

This comes, while 50 young men from Abu Dhabi from hundreds of Sudanese youth who traveled to the UAE to work as security guards have arrived, but large numbers of them have been sent to Libya and Yemen to work there.

As soon as they arrived in the capital, Khartoum, the arrivals headed towards the headquarters of the UAE embassy, ​​and made clear that they would sit in front of the embassy headquarters until receiving financial dues, and the UAE government promised to transfer them to them through its embassy in Khartoum, while another group is supposed to arrive at dawn today.

According to the statements of one of the Sudanese youth who were sent to Benghazi, the Emirati authorities returned about 150 Sudanese youth to Abu Dhabi, while about a hundred young men remain, according to the source.

The same information was confirmed by a woman from the family of one of the Sudanese youth who were returned to Abu Dhabi, and the Sudanese authorities demanded the return of all the youth, explaining the reasons for what she described as “the UAE authorities deceiving these young people.”

In an interaction with these developments, the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement expressing its concern for the safety of the Sudanese youth, who were brought in by a private company in the Emirates to work as guardians, and then sent them to guarding oil fields in Libya, which is a violation of the terms of the contract, according to the statement.

The statement stressed that the Sudanese authorities are in contact with the Abu Dhabi government to investigate together on the matter, which will not affect the relationship between the two countries, as described in the statement.

For its part, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of National Accord in Libya said that throwing the UAE youth into the war of retired Major General Khalifa Haftar is horrendous exploitation, and called on the UN Security Council to take the necessary measures in this regard.

There was widespread anger in Sudan, after the accounts of Sudanese youth, who said that the services company “Blaschilder” in the Emirates had deceived them after they submitted job offers to them as security guards inside the Emirates. After their arrival in Abu Dhabi, they were subjected to military training in heavy weapons. From communicating with their families before they were given the choice between fighting in Libya or Yemen, and indeed large numbers of them were deported to Ras Lanuf in northern Libya.

Families of more than 400 young men organized demonstrations in Khartoum to condemn what happened, and they had previously organized a protest in front of the Emirati embassy in Khartoum, and in front of the Princess Office for External Recruitment, which is the delegated office in Khartoum for Black Shield.

This coincided with the launch of a massive campaign on social media to pressure Abu Dhabi to return youth to Sudan.

The father of one of the young men recruited by the Emirates said that his family spoke with her son after returning him from Libya, indicating that the son informed them that Black Shield would offer them to work inside the Emirates.

The father also explained that the son revealed to them that the size of the deception was so great that they were told that they would be transferred from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain city, but after their arrival they found themselves in Libya, and this denies allegations that the young people went with their consent.

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “all state institutions are keen to work to ensure the safety of Sudanese citizens working for the company, while keen to make intensive efforts to reassure the families of the concerned citizens.”

The ministry added in a statement that it “continues to use the company for some Sudanese in the positions of security guards without committing to it later as stated in the testimonies of the families of these citizens, with labor contracts in terms of its nature and location, which eventually led to the transfer of some of the citizens mentioned and by the company to work in Some areas of oil fields in Libya.”

She pledged to give the matter the utmost importance “to preserve the pride and dignity of the country and its people, and to seek to restore the rights of the affected citizens and their return to their land and their families, whenever they are satisfied.”

She said that she is aware of what happened to the families and families of those affected, and will continue to work with the competent authorities and authorities within Sudan, noting that she is in constant contact with the Sudanese embassy in Abu Dhabi and with the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Khartoum and the competent authorities in the state in Abu Dhabi, which confirmed her willingness to work with Sudan to investigate about various aspects That received on this issue.


UAE Country Of Importing Mercenaries To Serve Its Plots

The recent revelation of Emirati security companies ’contracts with Sudanese fighters was just another episode of a shameful series for the country that can be classified as the first country to import mercenaries to serve its plots.

For years, the Emirati regime has engaged in contracting mercenaries of different nationalities to engage in its wars and foreign military interventions in order to gain influence and expansion.

On Sunday, dozens of Sudanese families organized a protest in front of the Emirati embassy in the capital, Khartoum, to protest against the contracts of an Emirati company with their children and send them to fight in Yemen and Libya, instead of employing them in the security services in the UAE according to the contracts concluded.

Hundreds of Sudanese gathered and organized a protest in front of the UAE embassy, ​​and held banners saying: “No to mercenaries, no charlatans, no deception.”

This came after a Sudanese family demanded the transitional government to intervene to return her son from the Emirates, after he was detained in a training camp for three months, after deceiving him and another group to work in security guard jobs.

Abdullah al-Tayyib Yusef, brother of a Sudanese in the Emirates, recounted the story of dozens of Sudanese who were cheated to work in security guard jobs, before being pushed into training camps for three months.

My brother told me that he was trained in the UAE on heavy weapons, and he was given the choice between traveling to Libya or Yemen, after offering him lucrative money,” Abdullah said, calling for his brother to be returned to Khartoum.

The Sudanese platform, “Wakeb”, published on Twitter, samples of contracts working as guards for Sudanese in the Emirates, before withdrawing their phones.

The appeal of the Sudanese family sparked an interaction on social media, after the spread of a video clip of Abdullah Al-Tayeb Yusuf, which appealed to the Sudanese authorities to stand with them.



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