Dr Amira Abo el-Fetouh

These were not the US elections that the entire world follows closely, that dominate the international media and that people around the world stay up late to learn the results to see who will rule the US and determine the course of the world during their presidency.

This time, it was the Turkish elections that preoccupied the whole world during the month of May because these elections not only concerned Turkiye, but could potentially change the face of the region. This is why most Western countries got involved in the elections and played a major role in the elections battle, giving themselves the right to vote as if they were citizens of Turkiye.

The major media outlets blatantly sided with the Turkish opposition and abandoned their professionalism and impartiality, becoming an integral part of the media team for presidential candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu. They supported him with all their strength while fiercely and crudely attacking President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The media called Erdogan a tyrannical dictator who must be overthrown, to the point that British magazine The Economist put Erdogan’s picture on its cover featuring the headline “Erdogan Must Go”, simultaneously replacing its official Twitter account image with the slogan “Erdogan must go, vote”. The BBC wrote that Turkiye’s future would be more Islamic and darker if Erdogan won, while German Der Spiegel displayed an image of Erdogan sitting on a throne on its cover, with a broken crescent above him.

Most Western newspapers, such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, Financial Times, Le Figaro, The Telegraph, The Sunday Mail, CNN and others, have fallen into the quagmire of fraud and unprofessionalism. They’ve all come down with “Erdogan Syndrome”, a state of rabidness and hysteria that hit Western media all at once, resulting in them featuring images of Erdogan on their covers, covered in blood and with an X superimposed on him. Despite their different ideologies, they all united to agree on one goal: to bring down President Erdogan.

It was their last chance to overthrow Erdogan through the ballot boxes after the failure of the military coup in 2016, orchestrated and funded by the United Arab Emirates. Didn’t US President Joe Biden pledge during his election campaign to strengthen the Turkish opposition, vowing to topple Erdogan? Many Western leaders also noted that these elections would be the end of Erdogan, but the Turkish people disappointed them and re-elected him for a new presidential term ending in 2028. So what are they planning to do during these five years and what are they plotting?

President Erdogan, described as a tyrannical dictator, stands in line with the people to cast his vote. Meanwhile, in our Arab countries where tyrannical, dictatorial rulers afflict, red carpets are laid out for them when they enter polling stations, surrounded by guards from every angle. The public is not even allowed to enter until after the dictator leaves!

Erdogan couldn’t establish his victory in the first round and was forced to repeat for the sake of five out of ten per cent, equivalent to 5,000 votes. What about the authoritarian regimes in our Arab region, which the West strongly supports? Look at how they prepare the ballot boxes and fill them with cards that bear the image of the honourable president and esteemed leader and how they close them before polling day so that they get 99.999 per cent of the votes.

Turkiye witnessed a wonderful democratic wedding in which nearly 90 per cent of the voters participated. Despite the sharp polarisation among the Turkish voters and the small difference in votes, there were no violent incidents or attacks by any supporters against any candidates. This is to the credit of the Turkish government, which provided citizens with security and safety. These elections deserve to be labelled historic, and Turkiye came out winning.

These elections were defining for Turkish identity, as Turkish history was strongly present. The Turkish voters who voted for Erdogan recalled their honourable past, great civilisation and the glory of the Ottoman Empire that controlled the world. They dreamed and wished to restore the glory of their nation and see Turkiye as a great global power under Erdogan, who indeed took the first steps towards this two decades against both on the political and economic level, and he must continue to complete this path. These voters instinctively sided with their national history, culture and Islamic identity feared by the West.

Turkish voters who voted for Kilicdaroglu are proud of the secular history of Kemal Ataturk, who abolished the Ottoman caliphate and wanted to erase Islamic culture from Turkiye. However, this history carries many tragedies and extreme misery and is marred by mistakes, the army’s political intervention and many military coups before Erdogan’s rule.

The opposition coalition lost its bet on the fanatical nationalists who showed their hateful, racist face towards Arab refugees, especially the Syrians, whom Kilicdaroglu vowed to expel from Turkiye and return to the regime of killer Bashar Al-Assad if he won the elections. However, he fell, along with his exclusionary racist project. His political career ended and competitors for the leadership of the Republican People’s Party have emerged.

Fate has willed that the day following the elections coincided with the 570th anniversary of the Fall of Constantinople (Istanbul) by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror so that the Turkish people can inhale the fragrance of their beautiful past as they taste the sweetness of their victory over all the enemies of Turkiye who want to be a weak state without its own independent will. They want it to remain as it was before Erdogan – a country dependent on the West revolving in the orbit of the US.

The hearts of the Arab people flew to Turkiye, and they remained, in spirit, with the Turkish people on the night of the elections. They were united in their anxiousness, hope and prayers to God that Erdogan would win. The man who made their dreams come true in another country, not only to escape and make up for their lost dream, but also in the hope that they would find an Arab Erdogan in their country.

Erdogan has become the dream of all the oppressed people on earth. They rejoiced in his victory, cheered for him and chanted his name. Just as they shared the Turkish people’s anxiety and hope on the night of the elections, they also shared their joy on the night of his victory. It was a night in which the Arab peoples rejoiced while the tyrannical regimes that conspired against Erdogan grieved after spending hundreds of billions in an effort to overthrow him.

There is no doubt that Erdogan is the most important political figure of the 21st century and Erdogan’s experience will be studied as one of the most important political experiences in the modern era, which the West, with all its might, could not abort.


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