Dylan Malyasov

Russia has initiated the deployment of its troops under the banner of the ‘African Corps’ in southern Libya. Just days ago, Russian cargo planes landed at Brak al-Shati, offloading scores of soldiers, while cargo ships carrying equipment docked at the port of Tobruk on Libya’s eastern coast.

The equipment and armaments of the Russian Armed Forces’ ‘African Corps,’ delivered by the landing ships Ivan Gren and Aleksandr Otrakovskiy, include light and heavy vehicles such as pickups, GAZ and KAMAZ trucks, as well as ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft artillery.

Previously, reports had emerged of the deployment of Russian ‘African Corps’ units in Burkina Faso and Niger. Russia is consolidating a formidable military presence in Africa based on Wagner Group mercenaries and plans to establish the core structure of the ‘African Corps’ by the summer of 2024, with operations extending beyond Libya to Burkina Faso, Mali, the Central African Republic, and Niger.

Currently, in eastern Libya, where analysts estimate the Russian presence to range from 1,000 to 1,500 individuals, airbases like Al-Jufra facilitate Russian military flights with layovers before proceeding south to other nations.

The Kremlin’s strategic objective is to bolster its influence in the African continent, where it already controls a portion of diamond mines, oil reserves, and valuable mineral deposits, leveraging military strength to secure and expand its interests in the region.


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