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Assassination of Arab Intellectuals by Extremists

By Mohamed Basyouni

The assassination of Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar on September 25, 2016, was no exceptional event in the history of the Arab region, which has reeled under profound decades-long crises that had an equally significant impact on societies and their way of managing their affairs. Read More

Global Threat Forecast 2017 – Analysis

By Rohan Gunaratna

In 2017, the so-called Islamic State (IS) will decentralise posing a pre-eminent terrorist threat. To deter the international community against continued intervention in its heartland IS will stage attacks worldwide. Read More

What to Improve in the Arab World?

By James M. Dorsey

The short answer to the question framing this session is: where does one start? If things in the Middle East and North Africa were not complicated enough, answering the question has been made even more difficult by the rise of Donald Trump. Read More