The Libyan political and human rights activist, Emad Al-Deen Zehri, in the United States of America, called the Americans to call American citizens for investigations accusing them carrying out war crimes and financial thefts in Libya.

In his complaint, Zehri pointed the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, and his sons who have the American citizenship.

On 10th of this month, Zehri met with officials in the American government in Washington and said that he aims to protect the democracy in Libya to achieve peace.

Zehri said that Haftar and his sons, Khaled, Saddam, and Seddiq, had carried out war crimes and violated the American laws.

Zehri provided a memorandum of 300 pages specifying the violations and providing legal analysis to clarify the elements of the crimes. He also identified the accused citizens and the evidence of the crimes.

Zehri said that the American law prevents the American citizens from carrying out wars in any other countries against the governments. He also pointed to the laws that forbid the American citizens from joining any foreign military institutions.

Zehri mentioned that there was a previous case in 2009 in Florida when the court sentenced the son of Charley Tailor for his crimes of torturing humans in Liberia between 1999 and 2003.

Zehri stressed that the crimes of Haftar and his sons are similar to the ones of Tailor despite the differences. He clarified that the violations of Haftar’s family are more terrible because they include war of extermination.

Zehri said that his complaint is the first step to stand against the war criminals, calling the victims and their families as well as the witnesses to cooperate with the federal authorities to guarantee the justice.


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