Despite all national, regional and international efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis, the political, economic and security situation is still far away from achieving a minimum level of stability.

The Libyan Political Agreement, as announced on 17 December 2015, has not accomplished its goals due to the conflicting visions between the parties and the inability of the House of Representatives to recognize the government.

In addition, the Government of National Accord (GNA) has not been able to effectively exert its authority over the more of the Libyan territory and control the security and arms in Libya.

All those involved in the initiative of the return to constitutional legitimacy believe that replacing or changing a dictatorship system to a democratic one, requires searching for the best political system that will achieve stability, security and social justice for all citizens without exclusion or marginalization.

The Return to Constitutional Legitimacy (RCL) presents a solution to resolve the crisis in Libya and move towards a democratic transition, under which the State of Libya can restore stability and security and become a democratic state in which the rights of all its citizens are guaranteed and no one is excluded or marginalized.


The full text of the document (The Constitutional Solution-E-8-02-2017)


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