By Kamailoudini Tagba

The UN-backed Presidential Council’s problems are festering as leaked list of new appointed ambassadors reveals corruption and nepotism at the head of the new Libyan leadership tasked to reconstruct the country following the death of former strongman Muammar Gaddafi.

A source in the Government of National Accord (GNA) led by the Presidential Council (PC) has leaked the list of new diplomatic proposals to Libya Herald.

According to the source the new appointments were not done on the basis of merit but rather friendship and connection.

Drawn by the foreign ministry of the unity cabinet, the list has suffered criticism from the department boss and from the country’s internationally recognised parliament, House of Representative based in the eastern town of Tobruk, Libya Herald reports.

83 envoys including 76 ambassadors and 7 Charges d’Affairs have been proposed but are yet to be confirmed.

Wafa Bughaigies, country’s ambassador to Washington has been maintained for her close links with PC Head Serraj and Deputy Head Maetig. She is also appreciated by Washington which supports the PC, sources told the Libyan media.

Guima Attaiga, former Head of General National Congress (GNC); country’s former parliament, has been proposed for London’s placement as a means “to win over civil society and civil (non-military) political stream in general in opposition to the Islamist stream.’’

Another controversial proposal is Ahmed Safar who has managed to retain his ambassador position thanks to his good ties with Maetig.

Safar has been moved from Rome to Slovakia where he schooled. The GNA source pointed that he has been retained in order not to anger Maetig.

Naser Benafa, a former GNC member and former chairman of Libyan Businessmen Council has been proposed for position in Moscow. He is reportedly close to Russia where he graduated in 1980s. Russia supported him to head the PC during Skhirat talks in December 2015, in Morocco.

Marwan Busrewee’s proposal for Germany also drew controversy. The former Head of NGO department of foreign ministry is a good friend to Maetig.

Other proposals such as Zuhair Al-Zwawy (Milan), Taher Ben Taher (Algiers) and Omar Tarhuni (Rome) are said also backed by Maetig while Lutfi Al-Mughrabi (Paris) and Ala Alwafati (Dubai) are all known as Serraj’s close allies, the source further noted.

Established in Tripoli, March last year, the PC has been unable to assert its authorities. The administration has been facing distrust from Libyans and the HoR who accuse it of corruption and incompetence.


Kamailoudini Tagba – Independent Journalist, Freelance Interpreter and Toastmasters International Competent Communicator (CC), speech writer, based in Togo, West Africa .


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