The Interim Government of the House of Representatives (HoR) that led by Abdulla Al-Thinni who decided to close the Sudanese Consulate in the city of Al-Kufra, south east Libya, renews the crisis between Sudan and the Interim Government.

The Interim Government accused Sudan of violating the Libyan security, which was denied by the Sudanese who confirmed that Sudan didn’t intervene in Libya. Sudan clarified that it is committed to doing its diplomatic job and called the Interim Government to revise its decision.

Al-Kufra is significant for Sudan because it is the main gate for the Sudanese to confront the rebel movements that exist in Libya. Furthermore, Sudan needs to remain diplomatically to fight the terrorism and trafficking the human beings because it is Sudan’s international commitment.

Observers said that the reason for closing the Sudanese Consulate in Al-Kufra is because of the Interim Government, which is linked to the Dignity Operation under the leadership of General Khalifa Haftar. The Interim Government considers Sudan as the ally of the State of Qatar in its relations with Libya.

The Interim Government thinks that the Gulf crisis would cause tension in the alliance of Egypt and the UAE that supports Haftar in his war in Libya.

Official Sudanese source said that Khartoum accuses Cairo of inciting against Sudan, especially after Sudan tried to build up a safe relationship with Haftar’s forces to reduce his cooperation with armed movement in Darfur against Khartoum.

On the other hand, Sudan accused Haftar of using Darfur armed groups as mercenaries in his war in Libya and support them to destabilize the security in Sudan. The Sudanese government considers Haftar’s control on the eastern side of Libya as a threat to Sudan, especially when Darfur armed groups carried out battles in the city of Om-Dorman.


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