Never let formal education get in the way of your learning” – Mark Twain 

By Safa Alharathy

Activists have launched a campaign on Facebook to help in establishing the first school in the depth of the Libyan desert, near Al-Awaynat town, amid the absence of any government support.

The local radio presenter Osama Thini, an activist involved in the program who is a native to the Desert community, transmitted a call through his program and Facebook to donate basic school materials such as blackboards, pens, chalk, in addition to other educational requirements.

Children in remote areas are far too often left behind, for most of them do not attend school for cultural, social, and geographic reasons.

As education shapes futures, the supervisors of the program aim to give the children of the desert community a “fair go” in accessing educational opportunities by teaching them how to read and write, in addition to learning the Quran and other school subjects, hoping to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to gain a better quality of life.

The campaign was met with a significant and fast interaction as school tools poured in from all shades followed by promises of logistical assistance and providing temporary buildings to meet the harsh conditions of the desert.

Parents, children, and many community members were overwhelmed and excited by the fact of having a school in their area, offering to give a hand in gathering rocks and palm leaves to build the first classroom.


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