By Housam Najjair

A Lebanese judicial investigator, Zaher Hamadeh, has issued an arrest warrant in absentia against the head of the external security agency and previous Foreign Minister of the Gaddafi regime, Moussa Kousa in relation to the disappearance of Moussa Sader, at the request of the Attorney General at the Lebanese Courts.

According to Lebanese media reports, after investigation into the case, it had become apparent that Koussa had participated in the kidnapping of Sader and his two companions, then impersonated their travel to Italy.

The Lebanese judiciary has recently issued an arrest warrant against Abdel-Salam Jalud, who was known as Gaddafi`s right hand man during the period of the former regime.


Housam ‘Sam’ Najjair was born in Dublin to an Irish mother and a Libyan father. In June 2011, as his father’s home country was being torn apart by civil war, he left Ireland on a one-way ticket to Tunisia, crossing into war-torn Libya, to join the uprising against the dictator Gaddafi.


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