Here are the main highlights of the Libya Observer’s interview with the Libyan Navy spokesperson Brigadier Ayoub Qasim:

  • We totally deny the Amnesty International accusations.
  • Amnesty International and Germany’s Sea Watch are trading with the African migrants in an inhuman manner.
  • Amnesty International is hijacked by international parties that aim to accumulate the migrants in Libya to call for intervention.
  • Presence of Sea Watch off the Libya coast has increased the number of migrants and casualties in a very scary way.
  • We refuse presence of such organizations off the Libya coast.
  • We want cooperation with the international community according to the international laws.
  • Intervention of Sea Watch in the rescue operation has created chaos and caused drowning of some migrants.
  • Libyan Coast Guard has rescued more than 80.000 migrants after February 17, 2011.
  • Czech ministers intervene in Libyan affairs that are not of their concern.
  • Most Libyan people do not know where the Czech Republic is located on the map.
  • The Czech Republic and Hungary are small countries that receive gifts from the EU.
  • We say to the Czech Republic and the EU; go to the source countries if you want to stop migration.
  • There are parties that aim to settle migrants in Libya and call for foreign intervention.
  • We are aware of all the plots that aim to settle migrants in Libya which all Libya people refuse.
  • Illegal migration is a fabricated phenomenon created by those who are looting Africa’s wealth.
  • We want partnership with the EU.
  • The EU did not give us anything, except for the training at sea as per the MoU signed in 2016.
  • The EU should work for the stability of Libya.
  • There is no real cooperation between Libya and the EU despite what’s being reported in the media.


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