The Ennahda Movement recently organised an annual youth symposium in the city of Hammamet in which 5,000 members participated, contributing towards electing their representatives in the executive office of the movement and the rest of the movement’s institutions.

Young people expressed their concerns which are mainly related to employment, education, health, the political consensus, elections, as well as national and regional issues, especially the issue of Palestine and the current situation in Libya.

Youth Revolution

In free Tunisia, one walks having only God to fear, and being subject only to the rule of the law,” said the head of Ennahda Party, Sheikh Rached Ghannouchi at the opening of the seminar.

The revolution belongs to the youth, led by the young Mohamed Bouazizi. It was not the revolution of one single young man, but generations of young people. The Islamic movement was founded by young people who were your age, who were no older than 27.”

Ghannouchi called for “transforming this great revolution into wealth, freedom, democracy, and prosperity”.

Ghannouchi referred to what he described as the state of despair that has gripped sections of the people after capitalists and the domination by moneylenders on different arms of the state, the tightened security, military, and the grip of the media.

Tunisia has proved that there is still room for a revolution, for the nation’s word to be heard and the word of God to rise, and the word of truth and justice to spread. That’s how the revolution among the young people in Tunisia broke few years ago.

Call for discretion

Ghannouchi reviewed the repercussions of the revolution in Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria. He said that “the fuel of these revolutions is Palestine”.

He also praised the glorious Arab revolutions that were sparked by the revolution of freedom, truth, and justice in Tunisia. In response to Gannouchi’s words, the slogan: “Ahrar, Ahrar Hankamil il-mishwar” (“Free revolutionaries, we will together carry on the revolution”) rippled around the hall.

Ghannouchi stressed that, “There is no room today for the return of dictatorship, tyranny, and corruption. There are wise people who realised that the time of tyranny is over… they have realised the wisdom of gradual reform.

There are countries in the Arab Maghreb heading toward calm freedom and democratic transition. We wish all Arab regimes be wise enough to realise that the time of tyranny is over and absolute rule is no longer an option”.


Top Photo: Leader of the En-Nahda Movement Rached Ghannouchi (C) speaks to press members in Tunis, Tunisia on 13 March 2018 [Yassine Gaidi/Anadolu Agency]




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