By Jamal Jawhar

Libyan demonstrators protested in Tripoli’s Martyrs Square on Friday, demanding the unity of state institutions and the termination of the transitional phase by holding a referendum before elections.

The protest was organized by a group of young Libyans under the title “March 30 Movement.” Hundreds began appearing in the square on Thursday evening to take part in Friday’s protests.

As protest calls for the sake of changing the “political map” circulated on social networks, the official page of Al-Jazeera urged Libyans to demonstrate in the square.

On its Facebook page, the movement announced that it received security approval from the Security Directorate in Tripoli to protest peacefully in the square based on agreed demands and objectives.

It is time to resort to the streets and unite through peaceful protest, to demand our rights and put an end to our suffering,” said the movement.

 The protest, which coincided with the second anniversary of Chairman of the Presidential Council Fayez Sarraj’s entrance to Tripoli in line with the Skhirat Agreement, was preceded by several arrangements including preparing unified posters in the square and distributing white caps to the protesters.

Local media reports said that some figures close to the Islamic movement in Libya are promoting for the movement for the sake of changing the country’s “political map.”

Libyan journalist Hussein Masouri stated to Asharq Al-Awsat that the movement’s demands represent the majority of Libyans except for the referendum on the constitution.

UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame is seeking to organize elections in Libya by September.

In his latest remarks to the Security Council, he said efforts are underway to hold just and free elections by the end of the year.


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