By Khaled Mahmoud

The upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections will be held before September 30, 2018 according to the UN proposed road map, Head of Libya’s Election Commission Imad al-Sayeh confirmed on Sunday.

“The voters’ registration process is going well and around one million voters have already been registered as the number is increasing,” he said.

“All Libyans are entitled to participate as long as they have a national number,” he told Xinuha, confirming that supporters and officials of the former regime are also entitled to take part in the upcoming elections.

“So far, there is no law that determines the conditions for candidates. We are waiting for such a law to be approved,” he added.

“According to the UN-proposed action plan, everyone can participate in the elections and there are no labeling or classifications,” Sayeh explained, when asked about the possibility for Seif Gadhafi to run in the elections.

For his part, Egypt’s presidential spokesman Bassam Radi called on the need to hold presidential elections in Libya this year and limit itself to these periods of transition.

Radi said in a statement that his country supports the unity of the Libyan territories, the reunification of the Libyans and the extension of security and stability in the cuontry, referring to what he described as Egypt’s great role through its support of the Libyan institutions, starting with the military.

He also stressed that Egypt has always supported the central government and the national army of any government, and it is opposed to all armed militias as it neither recognizes nor helps them.

The Egyptian position always supports citizenship, and stands against ethnic and sectarian division, Radi stressed.

Head of UN Support Mission in Libya, Ghassan Salameh, in September proposed an action plan to end the Libyan political crisis.

The plan includes amendment of the current Libyan political agreement and holding parliamentary and presidential elections.


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