The most powerful brigades in western Libya rejected on Sunday the Paris conference scheduled for May 29, saying “the French initiative do not represent us.”

In a letter to the Presidential Council, the High Council of State and the House of Representatives, 13 brigades and military councils called for a real dialogue inside the country that achieves Libyans’ aspirations.

They expressed commitment to the country’s sovereignty and unity, rejecting foreign interference in Libya’s internal affairs.

The statement deplored the initiatives that “aim to reinstate the military rule in Libya,” vowing support to “the civil democratic state and peaceful transfer of power.”

We urge the UN mission to be impartial toward the Libyan file including protection of civilians.” The statement reads, adding that ending the war in the country is a top priority.


In brief, the signatories declared the following:


– Real dialogue aimed at the aspirations of Libyan society.
– Full adherence to the unity and sovereignty of Libyan state.

– Implementing the Libyan military laws with regard to the terms of attaining military positions.

– Adherence to the democratic civilian discourse.

– The Libyan parliament to exercise its true role.

– An electoral process that is a Libyan affair and with adopted and enforceable constitutional and legal mechanisms.

– A neutral and fair role of the UN including the protection of civilians.

– A full priority to stopping the war in Libyan territories.


– Any foreign intervention.
– Any initiative aimed at forcing the Military rule on Libyan people.

– Any agreement made by the institutions emanating from the political agreement and not aimed at civilian state and peaceful transfer of power.


– The Western region is ready to host purposeful initiatives and dialogues

– The initiative of the French Presidency on May 29, 2018 does not represent us


The signatories are:  

– Misrata Military Council,

– Zintan Military Council,

– Janzour Military Council,

– Souq Jomaa Military Council, 

– Gharyan Military Council,

– Khmos Military Council,

– Jadu Military Council,

– Souq Jomaa Martyrs’ Brigade,

– Sabratha Revolutionaries’ Brigade,

– The Western Operation Room,

– Zilten brigades,

– Msallata brigades, and

– Rahba brigade.



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